Antioxidants have become a buzz word in recent years- in the realms of nutrition, medicine and nutraceuticals. Most of us are aware of the reported benefits of ingesting large amounts of ‘super
foods’ such as blueberries.

The difficulty with super foods is that it’s impossible to know exactly how much of the targeted nutrients you are getting, and are they in a bioavailable form so the body can actually utilise them.
Also there are the practicalities and expense of shopping for, storing and having an appetite for all these fresh foods. If you ate three big bowls of blueberries a day for a week, you might not be able
to stomach a single one the following week.

Hence the growth and popularity of the ‘nutraceutical industry’, which has found ways to deliver the nutrients and antioxidants you need almost like a medicine- in a consistent format, with exact
dosing. Nutraceuticals are basically compounds found naturally in foods delivered as a medicine.

It is well known that compounds found in our everyday day foods have health benefits, eg. green tea can help combat tumours, camomile and lavender calm the nerves, aromatic oils are good for colds.

The Catalysis range of nutraceutical products, available from FORTE Healthcare, has taken ingredients known to be of benefit, and used them to formulate a range of products designed specifically to help with certain diseases and complaints in pets, including cancers (Ocoxin), coughs (Asbrip), and bladder and kidney problems(Renalof). They also have products to aid the immune system (Vuisid) and help bones heal (kalsis). These products really help pet owners deliver the nutritional support had healing antioxidants needed to help nurse their pets back to health.