Menbutil Bottle

Ireland Only – FORTE Healthcare Limited announces launch of MENBUTIL 100mg/ml solution for injection, a digestive and liver stimulant licensed for use in cattle, pigs, horses, sheep and goats.

MENBUTIL’S active ingredient, menbutone, has a powerful effect on the liver, stomach and pancreas, dramatically increasing the flow of bile, pepsin, and trypsin into the gut. It increases bile production up to five-fold in animals with hepatic insufficiency, significantly improving digestive function.

Dr John Henderson, Large Animal Product Manager at Forte Healthcare Ltd said; “Menbutil will be a useful medicine for the farm vet. Increasing the production of bile and digestive enzymes will speed the flow of digesta through the gut, improving the rate of food breakdown and the elimination of metabolic waste. Better food utilisation should yield benefits in demeanour, health and appetite.”

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