Locatim® Press Release

Forte Healthcare Ltd has taken over the distribution of Locatim® in the UK and Ireland.

A long-established and trusted product used to combat calf diarrhoea. Locatim is an orally administered medicinal product containing specific immunoglobulins and is indicated for the reduction of mortality caused by enterotoxicosis associated with E. coli F5 (K99).

Locatim is manufactured from the colostrum of high health status cows hyper immunised against Rotavirus, Coronavirus and E.coli. The concentration of specific antibodies against Enterotoxigenic E.coli F5 (K99) in the product is guaranteed.

Locatim is designed to work alongside the dam’s colostrum, enhancing protection against gastro-intestinal infection, helping to sustain calf health in the critical neo-natal period.

Forte_Locatim_60mlThe single 60 ml oral dose provides specific antibodies which initially act locally at the gut mucosa and then systemically after absorption into the general circulation. For optimal effect, Locatim should be given within 4 hours of birth, but can be used up to 12 hours post-natally.

Locatim is not designed to replace anti-scour vaccination programmes, rather to act as an extremely useful adjunct in cases where the response to vaccines has been less than ideal. This can be due to poor colostrum quality, high environmental pathogen challenge, or poor colostrum intake in calves after dystocia. Locatim also is extremely useful in managing outbreaks of scour in unvaccinated herds by protecting those calves born before a new vaccination programme can take effect.

Dr John Henderson MRCVS, Large Animal Product Manager at Forte Healthcare says “We are delighted to welcome Locatim to our strong veterinary portfolio, and look forward to working with such an established and effective product from a well-recognised manufacturer – Biokema”.

Locatim is available from all UK and Ireland veterinary wholesalers. For more information, please contact your Forte Territory Manager or contact